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Underlayment Applications

Underlayment Applications

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Flooring Adhesives for underlayment applications allows you to provide value at every step, from manufacturing and converting to installation and end use.

Option 1&2: Self-adhesive underlayment for fixation to the subfloor

  • Installed with peel-off and stick-down system
  • Fixation to subfloor to improve installation easiness
  • PSA to cover complete backing or edges

Option 3: Self-adhesive underlayment for the installation of floor substrates

  • Installed with peel-off and stick-down system
  • Fixation of floor to underlayment as installation method

Option 4&5: Splice tape – Seam seal

  • Splice tape between underlayment layers
  • Seam seal between underlayment and vapor barrier screen